What’s it all about

Teach me your secrets…

We provide our guests with a pack containing the following:

  • cocktail ingredients for 3 recipes as well as garnishes;
  • a tin on tin, Boston cocktail shaker;
  • a Hawthorne strainer;
  • and a secret Christmas treat for those who book theirs before the end of 2020!

The cocktails will be as follows:

  • the 1st cocktail you will make is a sour and we will show you how to make it whilst going through an in depth lesson on the particulars of these type of cocktails;
  • the 2nd cocktail you will be taught is a Hatter spin from a very popular and well-known cocktail;
  • the 3rd cocktail is a seasonal punch twist from our own menu;
  • we also have add-ons for those who wish to add treats for guests;
  • we will deliver the pack before the class with clear storage instructions and organise a Zoom invitation to the event with our award-winning Mixologist, Laurie.

Depending on the number of guests and where they are on the day (which will define the number of packages to be sent ) we will be able to tailor an offer for you.