Welcome to The Mad Hatter's Speakeasy Cocktail Bar

Serving unique cocktails, New World wines, European brews and The Hatters own molecular creations.

The Hatter promises the maddest of the tea parties with live music and entertainment into the early hours. Leave your troubles outside, here a show awaits you!!

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To the east of the dreaming spires lies The Mad Hatter, a place of English eccentricity, drinks of distinction and timeless distractions.

The Great British Pub Awards Finalist: Best in Spirits

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A Social Hatter

Saturday Night Tea party as usual this evening from 8 PM so join us for a tipple or two and some good old Funk and old school soul music #themadhatteroxford #saturdayteaparty #aliceinwonderland #indieoxford #newcocktailmenu #speakeasybar #smallbusiness Saturday #oxford #ox4 #tipsytea ... See MoreSee Less

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The White Rabbit couldn't believe it- a hand the size of a house coming out of his chimney! In trying times, he thought, the only thing one can do is have a tipple to calm one's nerves.

He mixed together his favourite Gin, Malfy, with orange blossom water, vanilla and a spoonful of his favourite citrus jam while he waited for the nonsense be over with at the Hatter's house.

The Hatter was so delighted with the White Rabbit's drink, he added it to his menu. Join the Hatter and friends from 7pm onwards, and try 'Down the Rabbit Hole' today!
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"We must dunk him in the tea!" The Mad Hatter shouted to the March Hare.

The Dormouse had been singing karaoke for hours now, and the Hatter and his companions were half deaf from his squeaking.

Soon the Dormouse was thoroughly doused in tea and was left to his business while the others continued their unbirthday celebrations, with tipples and tunes carrying on late into the night.

Join the Hatter for his Kanpai! Karaoke night every Thursday from 7pm and make the most of your unbirthday.
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Look who's trying to sneak out from their cage...#themadhatteroxford #speakeasybar #ox4 #aliceinwonderland #smallbusiness #tipsytea ... See MoreSee Less

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The caterpillar took a long drag from his pipe and stared down at Alice.

"Who are you?" He asked irritably.

Alice had been to the Hatter's unbirthday party and drank through ALL the tipples on offer, and she was unable to answer.

The caterpillar gave her his flask, and as Alice took a sip she felt the clouds of smoke swirling around her and her troubles melting away.

The Hatter loved the tipple so much he added it permanently to his menu. 'Absolom's Pipe', served in a cloud of smoke, the perfect drink for a Saturday!
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43 Iffley Road

United Kingdom

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