First Saturday of every month

Join the Hatter as he raises a toast the 18th Amendment!

Every first Saturday of the month he shall be hosting a party fit for Daisy Buchanan as he transforms his abode into a den of iniquity.

Guests are warmly welcome but are kindly requested to speak easy on entrance and exit; the authorities must not be notified.

He shall get around Prohibition by serving bootleg booze – drink discreetly from teacups and get squiffy on beers sipped from paper bags.

Remember to look the part as you rub shoulders with gangsters and their molls, flappers and their dappers!

Up Next:

Please note that the Hatter will be launching his school of mischief and magic with some special potions on the 1st Saturday in December so the next night of prohibition decadence will fall on the 5th of January.

Saturday 5th January