Every Tuesday (Oxford term time only)

Oxford University Jazz Soc returns to The Mad Hatter on 15th October!

Oxford University’s JazzSoc congregates at The Hatter every Tuesday, and some Wednesdays too, through Oxford University term time to put on an evening of excellent entertainment.

Their renowned night is popular with students and non-students alike. It’s the ideal place for jazz musicians and jazz enthusiasts, from casual to diehard, to chill with some friends and enjoy great music.

The evening kicks off with a performance by a special guest musician, before the stage opens for jamming the night away. Have a  listen to some smooth jazz and then showcase your own musical talents.


The Hatter is pleased there’ll be a bonus OUJS session every Wednesday for Trinity term 2021!

More details about all of these events can be found on OU Jazz Soc’s facebook page.