Every thursday night

Did you know that in Japanese, Karaoke means empty orchestra?

Well at The Mad Hatter we don’t like any of our songs to sound empty and with over 22,000 songs to choose from in 6 different languages you’d be mad not to come down!

Join the Hatter as he chooses songs from state-of-the-art tablets dotted around the venue and sing along to all your favourites!

Our bartenders have created a special menu for the occasion too, tantalising the taste buds with 25% off all night!

The Hatter even offers a chance to win prizes for the best singers on occasion!

So come along and sing your heart out at the best karaoke night in town!

Private Karaoke Sessions

One further note, the Hatter has made available two new karaoke rooms available for private hire! These fit 15 people in each and absolutely must be booked in advance. See our booking form or contact us to find out more!

‘Kanpai’ to that!